Tom Cat Six ,  ‘Old Tom’ style gin. 
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Tom Cat Six is an ‘Old Tom’ style of gin, devised in London SE6  and distilled in association with Foxdenton Estates

An Old Tom is subtlety sweeter than a London Dry style gin, and not constricted by reverence to the distilling laws that were put in place in the mid eighteenth century to curb consumption. Tom Cat Six contains six carefully chosen botanicals, has a peppery juniper-led flavour and a subtle sting of scotch bonnet in its tail to give it unique character. Small batch, limited production runs ensure highest standards and a smooth finish.

From Cherry Constable – The Drinks Writer

Tasting notes

Aromas: Rich and gentle. Sage and dried spice notes – cinnamon. A soft honied sweetness appears in the background alongside a tiny juniper tone. Delicate and layered. Palate: Supple, light and gentle. Savoury herbs over soft sweetness. Resinous juniper in the background. A good lingering finish and nice warmth from honied spice, the chilli is probably contributing this, but it doesn’t come across as violent heat.

With Tonic, (Fevertree Naturally Light – standard comparision!): Nutmeg, clove and lavender on the nose with sweet honied juniper. A thinner texture, but not disappointing. Tonics opens up layers. Gentle, but nuanced. A touch of coriander appears on a lasting finish.
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